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Night Light Motion Sensor Light Wireless USB LED

Night Light Motion Sensor Light Wireless USB LED

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1.In【Night】Sensing Mode , The Light Will Only Turn On When Both Sensing Human And In Low it Enviroment, Otherwise It Won't Turn On.
2.In【All Day】Sensing Mode, The Light Will Turn Oh When Sensing Human Not Matter There Is Enough Light Or Not .
3.The Light Will Automatically Turn Off When Human Left The Sensing Range For After 25 Seconds
4.The Light Stays On If Human Keeps In The Sensing Range

Product Name: Rechargeable Spotlight
Model: Spotlight
Color Temperature:3000k/6000k/3000k+6000k
Exterior Light Color: White/Black
Luminous Color: Three Colors In One
Color:3 Colors
Battery Capacity:1200mah
Sensing Distance: 3m
Lighting Time: 25s
Ingress Protection:Ip20

1 X Charging spotlights
1 X USB charging cable
1 X Bracket
1 X Screw Accessories
1 X Adhesive tape
1 X Manual

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